Diviner / Deceiver is a collection of powerful working stage and close-up material straight from Kent's repertoire.


"...The first effect, "The Test of Time," pays for the book 50 times over- literally... ...In my opinion this book is the bargain of the year. If I were you, I'd order mine now before Kent comes to his senses and starts charging real money for it."

~Tom M. (Mentalist, NYC)


“Kent has the ability to see unique and interesting angles in all aspects of a magic performance. He
understands​ what great magic should look like and my magic has improved considerably​ due to the
way he has challenged me to never settle. The future of magic is in good hands.​”
-David Corsaro​, IBM, SAM, Lecturer, Performer, Host “Time To Be Awesome”


"Over the time I've known Kent I have become a better magician based on what he has shown me, and I know the same will apply to anyone who reads these notes."

-Robert Watkins, Mentalist and author of 'Jhana' and 'Positive Negative'.

Diviner / Deceiver

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