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an evening of mind reading with a modern mystic

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Image by Dayne Topkin

The show

audiences around the world have been stunned

by kent axell's mind reading performances.

in 'the mind reader', kent demonstrates feats of

"telepathy" and "influence" that leave audiences

with their jaws on the floor. Honed over years

of performances for celebrities and laypeople

worldwide, 'the mind reader' is a show that delivers.

What is Duality?
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The Sun Journal

"Sophisticated entertainment..."


Les Stroud

"Brought me back to Johnny Carson and the greats!"

Scot Grassette.jpg

Werner Herzog

"Holy F***ing SH*T Kent! How did you do that???"

fraser parker.jpg

Fraser Parker

Not only does Watkins create in a way which appears effortless to an outsider – whilst doing so, he ensures effect and presentation come first before clever methods – although, he has many of those too.

david corsaro.jpg

David Corsaro

Kent understands what great magic should look like and my magic has improved considerably due to the way he has challenged me to never settle.


Kent Axell is a Las Vegas based Magician, Mentalist, and Magic Consultant. He has written and performed three off-broadway Mind-Reading shows in NYC, including the still running "Merchant's House Mind Reader".

In his time in NYC, he also directed the highest rated close up magic show in the city for 5 years running 'A Taste of Magic' and has made his living exclusively as a performer for over a decade.

Last year, he dove into the world of lectures and completed his first book on Magic and Mentalism "Diviner/Deceiver" which has received wonderfully generous reviews and at the time of writing is only available directly through him.

"The first effect, "The Test of Time," pays for the book 50 times over- literally."
-Tom M: Founder of NYC Mentalist Meetup
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Who Are These Guys?
The Lecture











Virtual Reality

In this cutting edge 2 hour lecture, Kent and Watkins

teach stellar material from their own professional close-

up and stage repertoire. There is no filler here. None. Zip.

 Nada. All of this is based in powerful, effective, and

deceptive techniques without any knuckle busters. Also,

this is a worker’s lecture, not a dealer demo. Buy our

 books if you like, but we’re here to pass on incredible

Magic and Mentalism, not add to your magic drawer. ;-)

Image by Matt Seymour

What you'll learn

The Test of Time: Openly predict the time a spectator will call ‘STOP’ on the face of a clock. Kent has taken this popular and EXPENSIVE piece and reduced it to about 6 dollars. During the lecture, Kent will present the piece, and then walk you through the construction and presentation of this deviously simple device which could save you about three grand.


Poker Face: An open prediction routine with a switch that is so easy to do, you’ll fool yourself!


A little Touch on Coin Bending: This routine is so fun, it’ll get you bending coins right away!


Hive Mind: Duplicate a drawing that was worked on by multiple volunteers from across the room.


Definitely Maybe: A fool proof method for practicing readings and linguistic based mentalism.


The City Thing: An incredible show stopping closer. A randomly selected volunteer changes their mind over and over again, you guess the city they’re thinking of.


Challenge Cards: A new take on 4th Dimensional Telepathy and close up Q and A that opens doorways to new possibilities. Now you can allow your skeptical audience members to "challenge" your powers and still read their thoughts. You will also learn how to 'hide' progressive anagrams


The Difficult Ploy: This one line of scripting will create a very convincing revelation of any piece of information. Allow your participants the ability to change their mind AFTER they have written down their thought- and still be able to reveal it.


Severance 1 and 2: Learn 2 different methods to make your Center Tear routine more deceptive. These techniques will make your billets totally invisible in your audience's minds.


Thought Switching: How to take any piece of information that has been peeked and turn it into a Spectator as Mind Reader effect.


2 Billet Switches:  If you were ever afraid of switching billets, these two switches, along with Watkins additional tips and subtleties will help build your confidence and have you performing them without fear.


Thanatos: How to reveal a person’s ‘Death Date’...and they will know you are correct


And if time allows, we will teach a very simple method for performing a 2 person 4th dimensional telepathy, with all of the subtleties necessary to make it appear to be absolutely impossible.












The Workshop












Three billets to the head

This 4 hour workshop is a revolutionary addition to the

world of lecture touring. Those who attend are guaranteed

that after the workshop, they could walk into a corporate

 event and perform a full walk-around gig with nothing

 more than some note cards and pens. That's right, $5

worth of stationary and you're set for a corporate gig. This

could save you thousands on props alone.

Image by Leonardo Yip

​Why is this workshop called Three Billets to the Head?


Of course you’ll be able to perform the individual close-up effects that we’ll teach, but you are guaranteed a  5-10 minute, close-up, 3-phase mind reading routine using only billets and writing utensils. Your unique, personalized routine will be structured by you in tandem with Kent and Watkins. You can write your own script, or you can use one of the 3 provided for each routine.


Everyone attending the workshop will receive a companion workbook, which will include all of the techniques taught, suggested routines with the techniques, and methods for structuring your own routines based on those techniques.


Not only will you receive personalized instruction on your own unique billet routine, but you will also receive mountains of advice, techniques, and concepts which have been developed to help you structure, script, and rehearse your routines in the future.

A one hour lunch will be taken at some point during the class, making for a total of 5 hours. Also, scheduling is very flexible. The workshop could happen the day after the lecture, the day before the lecture, or even the day of in the morning / afternoon.

The techniques you will be able to do include but are not limited to...

    • Center Tear

    • Zodiac Sign Progressive Anagram (guess anyone's sign, any time!)

    • Multiple Billet Switches

    • Multiple Billet Peeks

    • Fast and loud memorization technique


Also, as a FREE GIFT - included with your entry to the workshop, you will receive...

    • FREE PDF: Watkins hit book ‘Jhana’

    • FREE PDF: Kent’s incredible ‘Diviner/Deceiver’

    • FREE BOOK: ‘3 Billets to the Head’ manual and workbook, signed by both Kent and Watkins


IMPORTANT: Your instructors believe in the power of hands on learning. This workshop is not for those who want to sit back and just learn the secret. I can not stress this enough. Please only sign up if you intend to participate.


SPECIAL OFFER: Only 2 people are needed to make the workshop happen, with an 8 person maximum. If you do in fact reach the maximum of 8 participants signed up for the workshop, then Kent and Watkins will perform the Virtual Reality lecture FREE OF CHARGE.

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