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 Mind Reading & Mysticism W/ Kent Axell

In the mid 19th century, New Yorkers, like the Tredwells, hosted neighbors and friends in their home to showcase the latest in mysticism and psychic entertainments. Spiritualism, which had become a phenomenon in 1848 thanks to the now-infamous Fox sisters, peaked in popularity in the years immediately after the Civil War. It is certainly no wonder: the loss of life was massive, spurring believers and skeptics alike to turn to Spiritualism — the belief that the living can talk to the dead — as one last chance for contact with a loved one, lost too soon.

In addition to providing comfort to the bereaved, Spiritualism grew as a popular form of parlor entertainment. We invite you to join renowned mentalist Kent Axell in the family’s Greek Revival double parlor as he takes us back in time 150 years to experience mind reading, magic, and mystery. Whether he answers your sealed questions, reads your mind — or controls it — you’re guaranteed to feel the haunting touch of one of history’s most obscure, and awe-inspiring, art forms.

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