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A mentalism performance and lecture Travel show



Image by Dayne Topkin

What is head trip?

Head Trip is a Short Episodic Travel Show hosted by Kent Axell and Robert Watkins.

The show follows Kent and Watkins as they embark on a Cross Country mentalism lecture/workshop/performance tour.

Head Trip will feature incredible Magic / Mentalism, educational Magic teaching sessions and jam sessions with local magicians, Performances, local hot spots and landmarks, Magic History, and more!

what we will provide

- A total of 24 (minimum) Episodes of 'Head Trip'.

- A total of 24 (minimum) Full length interviews with leaders in the magic community.

- The 3 ten Minute Episodes of the 'Head Trip' show per week, will include...

             - A Shout out to sponsors.

             - B Reel  and travel information about our current location. Including

               the best hot spots and local state and magic history.

             - Clips from events, lectures, and shows.

             - A beginner's trick or concept to improve viewers magic.

             - A truncated interview with a local magic leader or legend.

             -Entertaining thoughts and conversations on current location and events.


- 3 Full length (30 minutes to 1.5 hours) interviews per week with local magic leaders and legends.

This totals at least 6 new pieces of content, or 2+ hours a week of new HI DEF content.

Where are we going?

Locations we are already booked to visit include. This list is still growing.

- Las Vegas, Nevada

- Phoenix, Arizona

- Tuscon, Arizona

- Austin, Texas

- Dallas, Texas

- Tulsa, Oklahoma

- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

- Wichita, Kansas

- Hot Springs, Arkansas

- Little Rock, Arkansas

- Memphis, Tennessee

- Nashville, Tennessee

- State College, Pennsylvania

- Hamburg, New Jersey

- New York City, New York

- Augusta, Maine

- Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

- St. John, British Columbia, Canada

- Youngstown, Ohio

- Cleveland, Ohio

- Columbus, Ohio

- Indianapolis, Indiana

- Marshall, Missouri

- Kansas City, Missouri

- Denver, Colorado

- Salt Lake City, Utah

Who are these guys?

Kent Axell is a Las Vegas based Magician, Mentalist, and Magic Consultant. He has written and performed three off-broadway Mind-Reading shows in NYC, including the still running "Merchant's House Mind Reader", and is the narrating voice of Kent Weber's masterpiece, 'Maximum Entertainment'

In his time in NYC, he also directed the highest rated close up magic show in the city for 5 years running 'A Taste of Magic' and has made his living exclusively as a performer for over a decade.

Last year, he dove into the world of lectures and completed his first book on Magic and Mentalism "Diviner/Deceiver" which has received wonderfully generous reviews and at the time of writing is only available directly through him.

"The first effect, "The Test of Time," pays for the book 50 times over- literally."
-Tom M: Founder of NYC Mentalist Meetup
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Robert Watkins is an NYC based Mentalist and Magician who has taken the world of Underground Mentalism by storm. With his recent release of two full length books on the subject, he's been contacted for consultation by some of the biggest names in Mentalism. When it comes to powerful close up mind reading, Watkins' thinking can't be beat.

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